Buying house + land to build another

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    Buying house + land to build another

    I am looking to buy a semi which is on the end of the row and is next to the road. The plan being to try and get permission to put another house on the end, effectively turning mine into a terrace. I got a copy of the plans from the land registry site and it would appear that there is space - it also shows an additional segment of what appears to be a public green also belongs to the proprty. The council do not cut the grass or maintain it as far as i know but the footpaths appear to be adopted and give access to all the houses.

    1 - Any feelings with regard to sucess on tagging another house onto the semi
    2 - What do you feel the chances are of changing the use of our section of green to say include a parking hardstand?

    Any feedback or opinion would be greatly appreciated.



    Who's Land?

    You must be able to show that you comply with the Council's planning policy. Thus, your proposal should work well in townscape terms, respecting height and building lines and should respect the corner location. If some green space around the side flank could be retained that would be good.

    The Council might try and restrict you on amenity terms - they might feel that the area would be worsened... we have a case similar to this on at the moment, whicdh we are fighting!! Maybe bring in someone like me in to fight your case...??

    I would generally say that as long as no harmful effects are being created it would be OK... but I of course haven't seen the site and details!!

    As long as the car parking space can be well screened again, why not?? The car should be able to exit in a forward position...

    It all depends on the quality of the proposals, which should be adequately communicated in your planning submission.

    Is that OK for the moment??



      Thanks Peter.

      could you drop me an email at... to discuss further please



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