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    New topic expert available

    Hello everyone, I'm the new Topic Expert on Planning & Development... if you post any topics to me I'll do what I can to answer them...Looking forward to hearing from you... Regards, PETER KYTE

    Green Belt

    Try this: I have 2 parcels of land (2 acres each) on green belts in Worcs & Wales - both are adjacent to major dual carriageways. One (Worcs) was turned down for outline planning 20 years ago, but permission for the adjacent, disused Industrial Unit was granted which now has 35 Bryant homes on it. NIMBY's will protest as they did 20 years ago which iswhy the previous owner sold it. The Land in Wales is more remote (half a mile from nearest existing housing estate) - so something like 4-6 exec houses on large plots or residential home maybe?
    I'd rather pay for expertise than fail through ignorance as reversing a decision resulting from a botched application can take years. I would like to apply for outline planning for both - where should I start? what will it cost?


      Thanks for making the first post on this new part of the Forum!! I think the best first step you can make is to speak to the planning department--- maybe the local plans section and not development control - and find out what the current zoning is and what the future zoning might be in the new LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK that will be produced over the next 3 yrs or so... Much will depend on the Council's housing projections - do they have enough urban land to cover this and how many future dwellings will be allocated to greenfield sites? Are they prepared to realease any green belt land? If your sites are well away from urban areas development might be difficult. If housing is out ask about other types of development such as holiday homes or farm diversifcation schemes.. the development plan should give you good guidance. The site that is adj. to another housing scheme sounds promising - the best angle on this one might be a re-zoning in the new development plan rather than a planning app... l always feel its worth pursuing a scheme but only if you have a reasonable chance of success.. good luck!!


        Thanks Peter. Not sure what you mean regarding re-zoning. Is that something I should apply for or is it a matter of lobbying someone?
        Thanks too, for the suggestions on other uses - being next to a dual carriageway there's also a refuelling option.


          If you look at the development plan, you will find a Proposals map - this will contain some sites which are zoned, e.g. employment, housing and green belt... this can be changed when the local plan is changed, which is what I meant by re-zoning. Regards, PETER


            New Topic for you

            Hi everybody !
            My very first it is;

            I am just about to purchase a 10 bed HMO. The rooms are quite good and have kitchens. I want to install en-suites in each, and don't know if planning is required. At present, the tenants share showers and toilets.


              10 Room House

              Thanks for this... Typically, the Council would in all probability tell you that if you move from 1 planning unit (the house) to 10 (10 self contained studios) you would need planning permission. But there are cases around - one of which I was involved in (but many years ago!!) - that say that if there are no 'planning implications' (i.e the external appearance of the building remains the same and the number of people living in the building is the same) then permission MAY not be required... This is a complex area that would need proper case research... and it may mean a big battle with the local authority...

              Why not speak to the Council as a first step?? Your next step would be to do a case search... and then argue your case... This would be by way of an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development that would confirm that no PP is needed. But whatever you do don't get into an enforcement situation!!

              Regards, PETER


                HMO + en suite

                The previous poster has adequately answered this query, however I just wanted to add that there does not appear to be a `material change of use' by merely adding en suite bathrooms. An HMO is usually decided by the existence of shared kitchens.

                If however this is a first step towards self containment of one or more of the bedsittingrooms and perhaps also including a new kitchenette within it, then you will eventually require planning consent as this would constitute a `material change of use', as new self contained flats/dwellings will then be created. Hope this helps! Regards BS



                  Yes, I agree with this... once you fully self-contain you are open to a change of use by the creation of new residential planning units. BUT there are cases which state that this may not be the case - its all a bit complex so should you feel that planning may be needed you should always seek the help of a planning adviser or get the Council's help. Never get into an enforcement situation!!

                  For those of you have might have gone into a breach of planning control situation, you need 4 years before the new residential uses become lawful. You need absolute proof of the 4 year period though. Lawfulness can be ascertained by an application for a Certificate of lawful Development...

                  Interestingly, a breach of control from a house to an HMO needs ten years...

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