For what alterations to leasehold flat do I need consent?

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  • jeffrey
    Likely to need consent: carport, gates, central heating, windows.
    But read your lease re ALL points.

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  • Cableguy
    Oh ok , im guessing every lease is different and every freeholder defines differnt things that can be altered then , i was thinking it was a generic thing.

    Ill have a thumb through the lease tonight and see whats what, is it common to need permission for a lot of the things i mentioned out of interest ?

    Cheers for the help

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  • jeffrey
    1. Forget 'grants' from f/r. There are no such things!
    2. Read your lease. Which (if any) of your alterations is a breach of any "no alterations without consent" clause?
    3. Absolute leasehold title (at HMLR) simply means the guarantee of your leasehold title's validity and the validity of the freehold out of which it was granted. This has nothing to do with lease covenants.

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  • For what alterations to leasehold flat do I need consent?

    Hello , over the years i've lived in my leasehold flat i've made a few changes, wanting to sell now i want to make sure everything is up to date. Also theres still a few things i want to do before i move.

    Changes ive made so far are :-

    Replaced rotten door with a UPVC one
    Fitted a car port
    Replaced bathroom suite
    Replaced kitchen
    Fitted Iron Gates
    Made access to the loft as storage via a proper staircase rather than a ladder

    Changes i want to make
    Install central heating
    Install UPVC windows

    What i'm asking is what do i have to request permission to do on a leasehold flat, my title is absolute, so will i need permission for any of the stuff i've done ( mainly worried about the staircase ) And will i need permission for the other stuff.

    Also , can i get a grant from the freeholder , after all i'm improving his property no ?

    Thanks in advance.

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