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    Valuation Office not responding


    I recently converted a commercial property into 4 new flats. During the construction I contacted the VOA to appeal the non domestic rating and to inform them of a change of use. This was done back in July, I subsequently received an email from an officer who requested further information, such as planning docs, which were sent in within a few days.

    However since then the officer has not responded, either to my first email or a follow up sent in September. I then received an email from the Valuation Tribunal who stated my case will come before a hearing in due course. During these few months it is impossible to get in touch with anyone from the VOA, and I now have 4 flats which are empty. The council will not provide new bins and make other changes until the VOA does its work.

    I have been told my friends/associates who have been involved in similar developments before that this provess does not seem right, especially it going to the tribunal. Could anyone share any advice?

    I think you'll find that Covid is the reason one way or another. I find that lots of local gov/gov staff have either resigned/taken redundancy/retired during the last year and they have not been replaced.

    It is now nearly 2 years since I tried to get some land I purchased registered in my name at the Land Registry. No sign of it happening but they quickly cashed my cheque.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


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      Hello all

      We are in the process of purchasing a freehold, and have been informed of restrictive covenants from a previous conveyancing in the 1950s as follows

      "The plans and elevations of any private dwelling house and outbuildings intended to be erected on the plot shall...
      18-01-2022, 18:32 PM
    • Reply to Restrictive Covenants Freehold
      by Lawcruncher
      a) In your experience how common an issue is this? have we just been unlucky?

      Snags with restrictive covenants are not exactly common, but they are not rare either.

      b) If we do proceed and obtain an indemnity policy could it significantly affect salability in future?
      19-01-2022, 23:39 PM
    • Reply to Restrictive Covenants Freehold
      by comm1985

      Thanks very much for the comprehensive response.

      Upon clarification it seems the contentious language that could cause us to breach is "and no building shall be commenced upon the plot until such surveyor shall have given a certificate in writing of such approval"...
      19-01-2022, 22:05 PM
    • Appeal made on Ground (E)
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      Regarding an appeal made against EN on ground (e).

      Should the appeal succeed does the 'immunity clock' start afresh, or does the original date of EN still stand?

      thank you !
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    • Reply to Restrictive Covenants Freehold
      by Lawcruncher
      As to 1, my initial impression was that the intention was that the covenant should only extend to when the house was first built. However, we have to go by the wording. The first question is whether an extension is (a) a dwelling house and outbuilding, or (b) a dwelling house, or (c) an outbuilding....
      19-01-2022, 09:13 AM
    • Reply to Restrictive Covenants Freehold
      by comm1985
      They suggested indemnity insurance

      But I wanted to understand

      1. How restrictive the wording is? (to me it sounds like it only applies to a brand new dwelling and not an extension, but I may be mistaken)

      2. How effective an indemnity policy actually is, especially...
      18-01-2022, 19:30 PM
    • Reply to Restrictive Covenants Freehold
      by Neelix
      What has your solicitor said?
      18-01-2022, 18:45 PM
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      Thanks Pillman, I guess I will engage with my surveyor to walk me through the conditions to gain perpetuity. Because the developement is close to a semi busy road conditions 7 & 8 are welcomed, to be sure that the building does not suffer from vibrations or excesive noise.

      Many Tha...
      17-01-2022, 21:01 PM
    • Reply to Planning Permission
      by pilman
      No, that was not what was being stated.

      You have to comply with the pre-development conditions before digging a single trench will accomplish the practical start of the development.

      Only then will that work be lawful as the start of operational development, which would...
      17-01-2022, 11:55 AM
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      Just over a year ago I was granted planning permission to build a 2 storey detached house in my side garden. Their is a restrictive covenant on what I can build in the side garden so I have had to make an application to the upper lands tribunal to have the restiction either modified or removed....
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