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    Valuation Office not responding


    I recently converted a commercial property into 4 new flats. During the construction I contacted the VOA to appeal the non domestic rating and to inform them of a change of use. This was done back in July, I subsequently received an email from an officer who requested further information, such as planning docs, which were sent in within a few days.

    However since then the officer has not responded, either to my first email or a follow up sent in September. I then received an email from the Valuation Tribunal who stated my case will come before a hearing in due course. During these few months it is impossible to get in touch with anyone from the VOA, and I now have 4 flats which are empty. The council will not provide new bins and make other changes until the VOA does its work.

    I have been told my friends/associates who have been involved in similar developments before that this provess does not seem right, especially it going to the tribunal. Could anyone share any advice?

    I think you'll find that Covid is the reason one way or another. I find that lots of local gov/gov staff have either resigned/taken redundancy/retired during the last year and they have not been replaced.

    It is now nearly 2 years since I tried to get some land I purchased registered in my name at the Land Registry. No sign of it happening but they quickly cashed my cheque.

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