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    Planning - Has the Job Stopped

    Ia run a small business, my next door neighbour runs a similar business but in a much larger premises, They have a buyer for the site who has made planning application for a totally different use, which if granted will make my business more profitable as my bigger competition will have left.
    They made a planning application on 22 May 2021, In important dates it shows "Determination Deadline" to be 29 September 2021.
    There is no date shown for a Committee Meeting.
    Has the planning process ground to a halt ? Has anyone any idea how long things are taking at the moment?
    All replied gratefully received.

    Have you looked on the planning web-site to see if comments have been posted that will indicate the matter is still under consideration?


      Lots of planning departments have decided they can decide when they want and ignore the x weeks guidance.

      lazy civil servants …..


        I find in my area that some planning decisions (simple non contentious ones) are taken quite quickly but more complex types that are not particularly beneficial to the community have hung around 2 years or so now for example 22 x 1 bed flats on a small site with no parking or outside space.

        Piffy you might want to check if there is a new Local Plan or similar out for consultation. Covid is also a reason why local government is struggling. It seems that working from home = no decisions.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Any of the following are possible:

          Its been withdrawn
          Its going to committee
          Changes are being made as they work towards an approval
          Planning Depts are so overwhelmed at the moment, so decision dates are sliding


            Everything at the LA is slow and COVID a great excuse to slow things down further. Around here it seems nothing happens until the end of the 8 weeks and then they ask for an extension.

            I recently asked the officer to justify the extension and that really got their back up and they basically threatened to refuse the application if I didn’t grant the extension…



              I note that you are in Manchester. This property is in Manchester The Application Date was 26 June The website says Determination Deadline 26 September
              I did ask a planner in another area (where they answer the phone) for advice and he said that if an application has not been dealt with in 6 months an applicant can ask for their money back ?


                The only way you are going to get an update before it's published online will be from the applicant themselves (or their agent) who's details will be on the application (viewable online).

                It's possible (and perhaps quite likely) that the planner has asked for more information which the applicant is currently in the process of drawing together but suggest you call/email the applicant/agent directly and ask.


                  To Dan..Manchester (above) I rang a Chartered Town Planner who in 2016 submitted my land to be included in the Greater Manchester Spcial Development Call for Sites (which was a waste of time) An they contacted the Planner who was dealing with it and apparently they are going to deal with it under Delegated Powers.


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                    Thanks very much for the comprehensive response.

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                    They suggested indemnity insurance

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                    What has your solicitor said?
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                    Thanks Pillman, I guess I will engage with my surveyor to walk me through the conditions to gain perpetuity. Because the developement is close to a semi busy road conditions 7 & 8 are welcomed, to be sure that the building does not suffer from vibrations or excesive noise.

                    Many Tha...
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                    No, that was not what was being stated.

                    You have to comply with the pre-development conditions before digging a single trench will accomplish the practical start of the development.

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