Sound insulation and fire protection in flats and retrospective building regulations

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    Sound insulation and fire protection in flats and retrospective building regulations


    I have recently bought a terraced house that was converted into 2 flats/maisonettes over 25 years ago. The building is about 100 years old. It has all been done formally and they have separate accounts for council tax purposes. Up until I purchased them two members of the same family lived in a maisonette each.

    The maisonettes are over 4 floors. The lower one was originally a ground floor flat with a large garage below. However, this was converted (with building regs) about 10 years ago. The upper maisonette is over 2 floors and appear to never had anything major done to it. I am planning to put a dormer on the top flat and changing windows for french doors on both maisonettes meaning that I will need planning permission and building regs.

    I have renovated various houses before but never flats due to the issues that arise with building regs and associated regulations.

    I have been informed by a builder that if building regs become involved that MAY require the the building bringing up to date in regards to building regs, particularly in relation to sound insulation between floors and fire protection between floors. (I am already replacing windows that will be in accordance with building regs and rewiring both flats to include hard wired smoke alarms).

    Does anybody have any knowledge and/or experience of this.

    Will / can building regs insist on full sound proofing and fire proofing for all floors on both flats? (read online that they cannot insist on it being done but the website was several years old and could be out of date)

    What is required for this and what is the approximate cost per square metre?

    Are there any other issues I should be aware of?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice.

    I believe update to present building regs is only required on change of use. So your change to habitable from presumably non habitable use of the loft, might trigger it.
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      Thanks for the post. The loft is already used as habitable space (bedrooms) and has one dormer already so that should not trigger it if that is the case.


        Get the BCO on site and ask them ….


          Thanks Neelix


            Does anybody else have anything to add


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              lazy civil servants ….....
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