Loft apartment - only roof windows?

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    Loft apartment - only roof windows?

    Good morning, there is a building I'm considering converting into apartments which already has a converted loft with plenty of roof windows (previously used as offices) but I can't seem to find a clear answer as to whether it's acceptable from a planning perspective to have an apartment with only roof windows.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.


    I should add, it's the 3rd storey and I'm well aware of the regs in relation to ventilation and means of escape


      I had a planning application turned down about 20 years ago. It was for a basement that only had windows at the top of each exterior wall.

      Maybe sound out the planning officer?


        If this is a development under Class O, the Permitted development rights for a change of use from Office use to residential use, it seems that local planning policies will not apply.
        O.2 Development under Class O is permitted subject to the condition that before beginning the development, the developer must apply to the local planning authority for a determination as to whether the prior approval of the authority will be required as to—

        (a) transport and highways impacts of the development;

        (b) contamination risks on the site; and

        (c) flooding risks on the site,
        and the provisions of paragraph W (prior approval) apply in relation to that application.
        No mention of room sizes, or what a loft conversion flat can look like, so it is the building regulations for residential flats that will need to be complied with.

        Although parking provision is dealt with under section (a), possible use of asbestos in (b) and risk of flooding for ground floor flats in (c).


          Thanks for your response. It's a D1 class building so not covered by PD for conversion I don't believe. I've now had a response from Salford city council in case anyone else is considering this in the future and finds this thread:

          ""The Council does not have an explicit policy or guidance with regard to the matter. However, it is required that the physical make-up of habitable rooms within residential accommodation provide a suitable standard of amenity for future occupiers, in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and Policy DES7 of the Council’s Unitary Development Plan.

          Decisions are made on the basis of the particular circumstances of a case; for example, provision of a third/fourth bedroom within the roofspace of a dwelling, only served by a skylight, may be considered acceptable, as the occupier of any such bedroom would have access to a range of other habitable rooms within the property with suitable outlook. In a case where an entire self-contained unit of accommodation is served only by rooflights, although dependent on the height of the openings above the finished floor level, it is unlikely that the arrangement would be considered to provide a suitable standard of amenity for occupiers with respect to outlook.""

          I hope this might help others


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