Leasholder wants to charge me - to change my windows

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  • jazzythumper
    If the cost is £100 for the consent to change your windows I would just pay this. It does not seem an unreasonable cost.

    You need to be looking at the part of your lease that mentions alterations or improvements. What does this say?

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  • hotmrw
    started a topic Leasholder wants to charge me - to change my windows

    Leasholder wants to charge me - to change my windows

    Hi each and all - I am sure this has been asked before so I will be as brief as possible, I recently bought a cheap flat to renovate, included in the renovation I factored in double glazed windows all round as it has knackered singled glazed windows that are dropping to bits, I lined everything up with the window fitter, who is certass registered - and the Leasholder says I need to apply to them for permission and there will be a charge of over £100 + pound - the lease ( section enclosed) states that the doors, door frames, window frames and glass are down to me if I understand it correctly, can anyone take a look and see what you think, I begrudge paying them money to replace knackered windows that are mine and they are not responsible for.


    there are 4 x flats in the block - 2 x ground and 2 x first, mine in on the first floor.

    Many thanks in advance. Darren

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