Planning Mistake. Which way to approach it

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    Planning Mistake. Which way to approach it

    I had a tenant in a shop which has a field next to the car park.
    The shop and the car park have been sold to my ex-tenant who has contacted me for advice as he has had a visit from the Councils Planning Enforcement.

    He has 2 problems,
    1. He has 4 large containers which he uses for storage of animal feeds in conjunction with the shop which is an Agricultural Merchants.
    Planning Permission to place the containers or use them for "Commercial" storage was never sought. They were placed there in 2009.
    Although I assume that he could go for a Certificate of Lawful Development (10 years use) would a 4 year use rule be more appropriate ?

    2. He has bought part of the field next to the car park and increased the size of the car park, without applying for Planning Permission.
    In this I am assuming that he could apply for retrospective Planning Permission.

    It could be that the Council have known about the containers as they have been there for over 10 years and their visit is prompted by a wish to increase the Business Rates.

    Could anyone advise as to what to go for with the above scenarios.

    I have told him to contact a Chartered Town Planner and I told him not to increase his car park without applying for permission but some people dont listen.

    Not your problem

    you could dob them in to the council


      Extending into the field was a mistake and has probably got someone's back up. I don't think there's much choice but to apply for retrospective PP. If it was my council he'd have to reinstate the field but his may be a bit more lenient. If it was me I'd get a professional on it as they're more likely to get it passed.


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