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    Change to use

    I am landlord in one house with some one.We want to apply to change use from House to day nursery.
    what application is this,because i didn’t find it.
    thank you

    It will be a full application for a change of use from Use Class C3 Dwellinghouse to a use Class E (f) Creche, day nursery or day centre (not including a residential use))
    The Application Fee required is £462.


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    • Reply to Converting 2 bed to 3
      by Section20z
      From the information you have given it sounds like the only issue is the new window. The internal layout and a new stud wall and door is no concern of land registry or planning / building control.
      If it's been there four years then you just need lawful development certificate from council and...
      14-06-2021, 07:27 AM
    • Reply to Converting 2 bed to 3
      by Margaret.d
      Dear Ash 72
      many thanks.much appreciated.
      No conservation area. No wall taken down.
      just additional window installed. Nothing else.
      if I get retrospective approval from building control, would that be enough for advertising as a 3 bed ?
      how quickly the building regularisation...
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      Councils (in my opinion) get overloaded with millions of documents and perhaps many files are binned.
      In 1990 my council's planning department was moving into another Town Hall and at the same time moving the planning system onto computers. I had submitted a "time sensitive" planning...
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      Dear All,

      A neighbour of mine recently submitted an application to build four town houses and parking for twelve cars in the back gardens of two houses they own. The gardens of the two houses surround another house that is sandwiched between them. Access will be via a single driveway/garage...
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    • Reply to Planning application amendment smell a rat
      by ash72
      Seems like you have a lot of money to throw at this problem if you are considering a legal route, if this is the case have you thought about buying the middle house? This would most likely resolve the issue if they were willing to sell.

      It is usual for an application to be withdrawn especially...
      11-06-2021, 21:37 PM
    • Reply to Obtaining Planning Application Documents
      by ash72
      You would be better off contacting a structural engineer to see if it the property is suitable for conversion, once this is confirmed you can then set about going to planning. The documents you want may not contain the detailed information that you may be looking for.
      11-06-2021, 21:29 PM
    • Reply to Converting 2 bed to 3
      by ash72
      There are many things that may have been breached, for example if the property is in a conservation area, the new window you installed could be intruding into a neighbours line of sight, if the wall you have taken down was a structural wall. You need to go through planning, once approved, go through...
      11-06-2021, 21:25 PM