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    We are back to the fact that you did not pay anything to acquire the property, so what you tell Land Registry is the value only applies to the registration fee that you will be required to pay.

    It still does not mean you can value the land as though you bought it.


      I just want to avoid paying any capital gains tax on land that I valued at £99000, I'm no financial adviser perhaps I should get in touch with one. Originally I thought that If I was putting my own collateral into an investment I would be entitled to deduct the element from any future sale hence the top end valuation, but maybe this is not the case.

      The land registry require a valuation.



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      • Threatened enforcement proceeding
        by Out of my depth
        We built a house, conditions were signed off and completion certificate issued. Now local authority say that we breached planning as we did not build a bin store. This was one of the conditions but we did not realise that it was supposed to be built first. House was sold over 2 years ago. What can...
        12-05-2021, 18:49 PM
      • Reply to Threatened enforcement proceeding
        by Out of my depth
        Thanks for your response. Does it make any difference that the completion cert was issued in 2016? We are still on contact with the New owners so If the LA insist it is done, we will probably contact the owners and admit our mistake and explain that we will undertake the work. It has to be brick built....
        13-05-2021, 00:17 AM
      • Reply to Threatened enforcement proceeding
        by pilman
        If you no longer own the house an enforcement notice will be served on the current owners.

        if you have a guilty conscience about not erecting a bin store, you can always buy a plastic bin store and gift it to the current owners of the house, although that may depend on what was shown on...
        13-05-2021, 00:05 AM
      • Reply to Refused change of use and planning
        by pilman
        You may want to ask the council what legal right it has to tell you to maintain privately owned land that has trees growing on it.

        Unless there is Tree Protection Order on any of the trees, I cannot think what legislation would give a local council any power to insist that you maintain...
        13-05-2021, 00:00 AM
      • Refused change of use and planning
        by John_faz
        About planning refusal for change of use.
        hi pilmen can you help me
        Back in 2014 I purchased some land adjacent to my property. This land has always been maintained by council although they didn’t own it. 2 years ago they informed me I was now responsible for maintenance of land. Last...
        06-05-2021, 20:05 PM
      • Reply to Change to use
        by pilman
        It will be a full application for a change of use from Use Class C3 Dwellinghouse to a use Class E (f) Creche, day nursery or day centre (not including a residential use))
        The Application Fee required is £462.
        12-05-2021, 23:48 PM
      • Change to use
        by Ardi
        I am landlord in one house with some one.We want to apply to change use from House to day nursery.
        what application is this,because i didn’t find it.
        thank you
        11-05-2021, 23:14 PM
      • Reply to Refused change of use and planning
        by John_faz
        The council informed me in writing I would need to maintain land and trees were my responsibility....
        11-05-2021, 19:36 PM
      • Reply to Refused change of use and planning
        by Claymore
        I've just looked at the planning refusal letter. What cheeky rat bags.

        They admit the land is yours but say you can't erect fence or garage because its a loss of open space. Yet their own words confirm you are the landowner - its your space!

        Personally, I would put up a small...
        11-05-2021, 19:34 PM