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    Add a porch

    I want to add a porch to external door of my house
    Do I need to request for inspection the Porch (the Porch is under exempt from building regulation approval) by Building Control Surveyor?
    If yes, could you advice me the procedure of request for inspection, Many Thanks

    The dimension for a porch set out in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 are below the requirements of the Building Regulations, which is why no inspection of a newly constructed porch is required.

    Class D – porches

    Permitted development
    D. The erection or construction of a porch outside any external door of a dwellinghouse.

    Development not permitted
    D.1 Development is not permitted by Class D if—

    (a) permission to use the dwellinghouse as a dwellinghouse has been granted only by virtue of Class M, N, P or Q of Part 3 of this Schedule (changes of use);

    (b) the ground area (measured externally) of the structure would exceed 3 square metres;

    (c) any part of the structure would be more than 3 metres above ground level; or

    (d) any part of the structure would be within 2 metres of any boundary of the curtilage of the dwellinghouse with a highway.


      Hi Pilman

      Thanks for your reply.


        Does this apply to conservatory or orangery at the back of the house as well? Do we need some kind of permission or certificate before/after the development if its not affecting any of your neighbours? Thanks


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