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    Planning permission

    I am wondering if anyone can answer my question please?

    There is a plot for sale in my area that has planning permission granted on it. The thing is, this was granted when the site was larger than it now is as the vendor has fenced a section of it off and built himself a log cabin style property with a certificate of lawfulness.

    My question is, is this planning permission still valid as the plot has now been reduced in size since originally granted.

    Many thanks

    It probably depends on what the permission was for and how many dwellings, etc.
    Also when pp was achieved as they run out after 3 years in most if not all cases.

    You can check on the local planning online to see the details, drawings, dates, etc.


      Hi Tipper. It was granted for one dwelling but vendor has since built the cabin and fenced off the plot he is selling saying it has planning. But the planning was granted for the original whole site before he built his cabin that he lives in .


        The plans provided with the planning application will show the position and size of the house granted planning permission, as well as showing the extent of the land identified on the site plan.

        The planning permission would have taken into account the area available for garden, and parking requirements since most local planning authorities have minimum standards for such things.

        If a line was drawn on that original plan to show what land is now being offered for sale, consideration would need to be given to what area of land is now available for a single house to be built on.

        If more than 333 square metres is still available there is a reasonable chance that this would provide enough space around the proposed dwelling, as long as space for parking and a private amenity area will meet the requirements set out in the Local Plan policies or in an adopted Design Guide.

        The most sensible way to proceed is to ask if a contract can be entered into which would be conditional on receiving planning permission for a single dwelling on the area of land now available.

        Otherwise the risk is that the planners will seek to prevent development of this smaller area of land due to the erection of a single building, which may be in use as a dwelling. That is not quite clear from your description of a log cabin, which could be used as a home office, which is permitted development in a garden of an existing house, so would have received a lawful development certificate.

        With permission from the current owner to submit the same set of plans as was used when PP was originally granted, the application fee of £465 is the only cost involved in a further planning application showing the extent of the land now available.

        That way there will be certainty about buying this land at an agreed price that reflects the value of a single building plot.


          In this case I would ask a Chartered Town Planner, Don't contact the council apart from looking on their Planning Portal


            In this case I would ask a Chartered Town Planner,
            To do what exactly?


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