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  • Tipper
    When we converted a house into 3 holiday let flats on 3 separate floors we had to put the kitchen furthest away from the entrance/escape door on the 3rd floor so that fire escape was not past or through the kitchen. Also had to have fire doors on that floor to protect the escape route, not so on lower floors.

    On the lower floors is was not such an issue as you could jump out of the windows if there was a fire!

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  • aspirerkd
    started a topic Fire safety issue

    Fire safety issue

    Dear friends
    i am renovating an upstairs flat. Imagine my flat as rectangular shape, with three sections. My preferred layout is: rooms in the front section, lounge-cum-kitchen in the middle, and another bedroom in the rear section. Essentially the rear bedroom becomes an inner room because the access to it would be via the lounge (which would be considered as access room as per building reg). My research tells me that you are allowed to have an inner room provided you can install an escape window. please advise me. BTW, my architect is insisting that instead of the bedroom at the rear, i should have the lounge-cum-kitchen at the rear (i.e. swap around bedroom and the lounge-cum-kitchen), but that means loss of space as a result of which i will end up having a single bedroom rather than a double bedroom. please advise.

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