When is it advisable to get cert of lawfulness?

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    When is it advisable to get cert of lawfulness?

    If a dwelling has been used for 20 years as such - and council tax etc paid, when is it advisable to get a cert of lawfulness? Would it create any extra problems if part or all of house was rented to tenants ? Or is it only needful when selling a property?

    Say there was a fire at the premises - your insurance would probably not cover you and you may well be prosecuted.

    I am assuming this property is an HMO and if so you will need a licence and undergo an inspection from your local council. You may well need to do remedial works to comply with current standards especially in connection with fire prevention.

    You should get it done now - I find there are plenty of applications going in in my area most of which are approved. Technically you could sell without Cert of Lawfulness but the price achievable will be lower.

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