Chimney pot gas compliance

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    Chimney pot gas compliance

    Out home is a Leasehold ‘house’ jutting out from a refurbished Grade2* building comprising 55 apartments. Ours is the only one with gas supply to the C19th chimney. We had a gas fire recently installed, but the chimney pot did not comply with the gas fire. According to the freeholder the existing one was ‘slid in for aesthetic purposes only’. We got planning permission to change the pot to comply, but the Leasehold Advisory Service informs me the freeholder is responsible for fitting the new pot. The freeholder says it’s ours.

    who is right and how do I proceed?

    What does it say in your lease about walls, roofs and structures outside the confines of your 'house' - that is where the answer lies. Ask the Freeholder to explain why he thinks it is not his responsibility. Usually it is the freeholder's responsibility.

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      I wouldn't argue IIWY. Plenty of freeholders not only charge lessees for doing the job, but bung on hundreds in fees also. Sounds like you have consent to do it yourself, doesn't it?


        Is this the first gas fire in this spot -- why does it have a gas supply?
        If you plan to make some amendment to your flat why do you feel other lessees should pay the cost?

        In this whole thread I think we need to be careful of words -- "responsibility" versus "rights" -- and need to distinguish between responsibility to do and responsibility to pay. If the pot falls on someone's head -that will be within the responsibility of the FH so it is crazy to have you do the work -- that does not mean you should not pay for it however.


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