Question on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

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    Question on Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

    I realise its not the best time to consider a development project given that the world is about to shut down and maybe end, but it helps distract me, from our impending doom.

    So to my question:

    Am I right in thinking that there is no CIL payable.....IF.... you are converting an office to residential, ie change of use in terms of planning categories, AND the the office has been used for at least 6 months in the three 3 years prior to planning permission being granted, AND, no additional floor space is being created, just rejigging the space into flats (property is a house anyway, just currently set up as an office).

    I'm very new to CIL, and I find it very strange from a policy point of view. It seems to penalize development and house creation, at a time of a housing shortage? And it passes to developers the cost of providing what local govt should be providing (parks, schools etc). And why exempt if the office has been in use recently? That seems to penalize the development of vacant property which again, I can't understand the logic of that policy. isn't the development of vacant property something to encourage, not penalize?

    Or am I missing something? !!

    Look forward to being enlightened / corrected, if there's anyone out who knows about this stuff and who isn't busy toilet roll shopping ...

    CIL payments depend on which local authority you are in. In my area of work and having a Neighbourhood Plan in place 25% of CIL did go to the plan area for use in the community but suddenly our new Unitary Authority banned this so CIL goes into one big pot to be bid for. This does not please me and others on my NP team.

    Most developments end up with an increase in property value for the developer so someone came up with CIL to claw some of this back for the community. I have taken out a Section 106 Agreement on one of my conversions so will have to pay up when/if I sell the development.

    So to answer your question Clulass - ask at your local planning department, check planning policies that might prevent your conversion and see if there is a Neighbourhood Plan in place.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


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