1 bed to 2 bed conversion

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    1 bed to 2 bed conversion

    Hi all

    First time poster here after lurking on these forums for the past week. I've just put an offer on a large 800+ sqft 1 bedroom flat and was hoping to get your input with regards to the Building Regulations. For a moment, I am assuming the landlord / freeholder may refuse consent under the lease but since these changes are an "improvement", they can't unreasonably deny consent. Even if they do, tribunal / court appeal will likely approve if the plans meet the Building Regs.

    In essence, I'm looking to divide the open-plan living area into a bedroom with a permanent wall put up. Furthermore, I am looking to install a shower in the second bathroom (which may mean I would need to turn the toilet to meet the 750mm threshold). The living + kitchen space is expected to be 26sqm+ and bedroom 12sqm+ so no real concerns with regards to min building size requirements (as far as I'm aware). My only concern would be fire safety concerning doc B which is the main reason for me seeking advice here.

    The floorplan of the flat is attached with outlines in red for the proposed partition. Also a link to it here: https://imgur.com/a/ytU3aDy

    Reading the approved doc B, it goes into some detail about loft conversions being permitted with certain conditions being met around having a sprinkler system and fire resisting partition. However, there's less specificity around open-plan living conversions. Also, I'm not sure whether this would create an "inner room" given the various access points.

    As part of my build, I am planning to use a fire resisting partition. Furthermore, the kitchen has a fire sprinkler in place and a fire alarm. The area proposed for bedroom #2 also has a fire sprinkler installed. There is an alternative exit out of the flat through the wrap-around balcony, going through the first bedroom.

    Is there any way my plan would pass mustard?



    Sorry, thought I'd bump this! I'd be very keen to get any input on this.



      I think there may already have been an unsafe modification, in that the kitchen door seems to have been removed. I'd expect that to be a fire door.

      If this is on the 27th floor, I'd say you were definitely creating an unsafe inner room, as the escape root passes through two high risk areas.


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