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    PD rules for outbuilding


    can someone put me in the right direction/legislation point of how tall can a building go under permitted development rules?
    I know it’s 2.5 meter height within 2 meters but what if the garden is extremely slopey?
    theres about 1-1.5 meter from highest to lowest point.
    are we permitted 2.5 from the highest point, thus theoretically the building could exceed 3 meters on the lowest side?
    if we build from the middle of the land would we be allowed to build something higher than 2.5 but would still be under 2.5 meters from the highest points?
    many thanks

    I'd ask your local planning department.
    For a property itself, height is measured from the highest point, so parts of the building can be more than the permitted height if there's a dip or downward slope.

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      www.molevalley.gov.uk › CausewayDocList › Document

      have a look at this web-site example 2 to see the answer to your question


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