Buying a big house taking on lodger

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    Buying a big house taking on lodger

    I am living in a small place, but I need a bigger house. I already have rental which I could sell, but the capital gains tax is a deterrent to selling up.

    To make it affordable, I am wondering if I can take on a lodger, but is there a way of making the accommodation self-contained, as I don't want to share my personal space?

    A lodger has to be a licensee and therefore cannot have any exclusive space. I'm not sure when an excluded tenant ceases to be excluded because of the degree of separation of the property.


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    • Planning help
      by bubble
      Hi all

      I just want to get some help on some planning issues. An architect mentioned that planning wasn’t required for an outbuilding and would come under permitted development. I had some friend of friend builders who helped with the build and lets say took it upon themselves to add water/toilet...
      18-11-2019, 22:23 PM
    • Reply to Planning help
      by leaseholder64
      I'd certainly expect this to sound the "beds in sheds rogue landlord" alarm with the council.

      Do you live in the main property? If so, why did you not notice the water supply being laid?

      If not, the beds in sheds alarm probably just increased in volume.
      19-11-2019, 15:19 PM
    • Reply to Planning help
      by ram
      1. What was the neighbours complaint ?
      2. Was it that you just had an outbuilding ?
      3. Was it that it was a few millimetres over size ?
      4. Was it that you had put a residential building up that was clearly residential, as it had water/toilet facilities AND a bathroom.
      Certainly not an outbuilding if it...
      19-11-2019, 12:36 PM
    • Blocked from doing a loft conversion by the co-freeholder
      by LondonResident
      I’m a first time poster on the site and couldn’t see anything that relates specifically to this topic, although various forums around the subject.

      I would like to do a loft conversion on our flat and the co-freehold owner has refused consent so we want to see if there is anything we...
      04-11-2018, 10:26 AM
    • Reply to Blocked from doing a loft conversion by the co-freeholder
      by ram
      LondonResident has not logged on exactly a year ago tomorrow, so don't expect a reply.

      Any new questions on lofts should start a new thread, as not all leases and circumstances are the same.
      14-11-2019, 19:05 PM
    • Reply to Blocked from doing a loft conversion by the co-freeholder
      by kennyj52
      Did your co-freeholder give you any grounds for refusing consent? I am also a co-freeholder and have refused consent for a loft conversion which was requested by my other co-freeholders. My main ground for refusing is that I don't trust one of the co-freeholders - is that unreasonable?
      10-11-2019, 18:33 PM
    • Splitting detached house into 2 residencies
      by keentobuild
      Hi all,

      My father-in-law is currently considering splitting his house into 2 flats, either to rent one to help with income during retirement or sell to release capital from his property.

      He is sadly suffering with Alzheimer's disease and doesn't really know the implications...
      19-10-2019, 18:04 PM
    • Reply to Splitting detached house into 2 residencies
      by keentobuild

      I know its a lousy plan, I was just hoping I could have some knowledge behind me in helping inform him that it is exactly that.

      Thanks for the info on planning time frames, this should steady him down.
      31-10-2019, 10:57 AM
    • Laying services over unowned road
      by Charles Smith 007
      I have a planning permission to build some houses. The lower section of the road that they are on has no registered owners and our checks against the title deeds for the properties it goes past, the council land ownership and historic manorial ownerships have confirmed no record of ownership. The solicitor...
      18-09-2019, 19:52 PM
    • Reply to Laying services over unowned road
      by pilman
      The rebuttable legal presumption " ad medium filum viae" is that an owner with land adjoining a road owns up to the mid point of the road unless it is a public highway maintainable at the public expense when the Highway Authority will own the surface and a short distance below the surface....
      29-10-2019, 15:27 PM