Splitting detached house into 2 residencies

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    Splitting detached house into 2 residencies

    Hi all,

    My father-in-law is currently considering splitting his house into 2 flats, either to rent one to help with income during retirement or sell to release capital from his property.

    He is sadly suffering with Alzheimer's disease and doesn't really know the implications financially or legally for the project. I have read many useful posts on here which have informed me on planning, building regs, utilities etc and was hoping somebody could give me some further insight.

    His house is a detached 3 bedroom house with access to the garden down one side only. A classic house layout, just as if a child drew a house, door in the middle and a window either side downstairs and up.

    The conversion would be a split right up the middle, so the new 'house' would need doors to the exterior, a bathroom, and a kitchen and a stair case installed. Essentially creating a semi-detached 1 up 1 down property either side of the building.

    What could a rough estimate be for the complete process, from planning to completion, so that I can help inform him before he starts knock through the walls with a sledge hammer. Including rough consultations costs from architects/solicitors etc.

    Also; implications such as capital gains from the new property, roughly how would you work this out?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Getting planning consent alone could take 4 months + depending on how effective your council is and how accepting of such a development they are. I'd start there before you let him pick up a sledge hammer.

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      It sounds like a lousy plan. Lets say you manage to split. Will he take the ground floor flat, in which case, he will get noise from the people above. If he takes the first floor flat, then you need to consider mobility issues.

      There is too much work in splitting a property (especially if doing it properly). The utilities needs to be split. Where is he going to live during the conversion? Where are things going to be stored?

      In my opinion, better to sell the property, may be buy a one or two bedroom house. I suggest in a decent area, as ASB is a consideration.



        I know its a lousy plan, I was just hoping I could have some knowledge behind me in helping inform him that it is exactly that.

        Thanks for the info on planning time frames, this should steady him down.


          Perhaps the reasons he is considering this is the real issue that needs to be addressed. Is it his concerns about finances, living alone, etc that have led to this? Just a thought.


            You should make a sketch of the site plan and note the overall dimensions , take some photos of building and contact a couple of firms offering house conversion work and get their quotations and their advice on seeking planning consent.


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