Planning rules for canopies - help please

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    Planning rules for canopies - help please

    We want to install a patio canopy above a patio door leading to our garden. We have been looking at different options including verandas. To clarify the structure will only have a roof (glass as we believe polycarbonate roofs create too much noise when it rains) and posts to support it. We've discarded thoughts about a cantilever canopy as we do not feel the structure is as robust as those supported by posts. The freeholder has given permission but we are concerned as to whether we need planning permission. It appears we would for a veranda but have read other types of canopies (considered temporary structures) do not require planning consent. We occupy, as leaseholders, a ground floor flat in a purpose built block thus there are no PD Rights. Our canopy will not affect neighbours in the block or others.

    Any advice appreciated.

    Thank you.

    You have already answered your own question by acknowledging that there is no permitted development rights for a flat.

    That means all development needs to be granted planning permission by the local planning authority.

    The only concession is that a householder application costs less than a general planning application, although a full set of plans will be required to support the application. i.e Location Plan, Site plan and a plan showing how this structure is to look once it was erected.


      Thank you for your reply.


        I think that a canopy, open on two sides, may be acceptable.

        But if its just a roof sort of canopy, just to keep the rain off you while fumbling for your keys, just fit it.
        No one will know, from the council.
        Or have it free standing, therefore is a temporary detachable cover, then no problem. Just secure it to the outside brickwork, an into thee flags.


          Hi Ram

          Thank you. Could you explain a bit more about the freestanding structure - I am not quite clear what you mean by a detachable cover. If secured to the brickwork, would it be considered temporary?

          Thank you again.



            By a canopy, I was envisaging just a small one over the door, but think you want to cover almost all the patio ?
            Your development rights as a leaseholder is limited to walls, fences and gates. Anything else you will not be allowed to do. but once you ask the question, from your address, then they know where to look for infringements of the rules - in future !
            I only know what I have read recently, for my own project.

            I forget the link I visited, as most Gov. sites leant towards private houses, and it was not a gov. site.

            I think you are on a no-brainer on this one.

            So are you wishing to cover the whole of the patio ? If so, I think thats not possible, but check with council, saying you are just checking before you buy a ground floor flat ( no address given ) and see what they say.


              Originally posted by ram View Post
              Your development rights as a leaseholder is limited to walls, fences and gates. Anything else you will not be allowed to do.
              These are limitations on flats, not on leasehold properties.


                Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
                These are limitations on flats, not on leasehold properties.
                As I said, most Gov. sites leant towards private houses, and it was not a gov. site.
                Information is scarce on leasehold flats. So best to do as post number 6 - - "check with council"


                  Thank you for your replies.

                  The canopy we are looking to fit is a canopy over the width of the patio door.


                    Originally posted by vmart View Post
                    The canopy we are looking to fit is a canopy over the width of the patio door.
                    If similar to this---


                    Just fit one. -- Job done.

                    If the council DO trespass onto the property looking for something to do because they have no work to do in their under staffed, under funded department ( which they wont be doing ) then the worst is they will ask, is you to take it down, which could be in 10 or 20 years time.

                    I do not recommend violating laws, but for goodnesses sake - a canopy.
                    Just fit one. - as it's not impeding anyone.

                    I would have no problem in fitting a canopy tomorrow.


                      Thank you for further responses.


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