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    Developer sales office

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here goes.

    I own a freehold house along with circa 130 others in a 2 year old development however there is a communal garden maintenance service fee so there is a residents management company set up with the developer still in control. An EGM hasn't been called by them to handover the company. The developer has sold all the houses now but the sales centre and car park remains. The issue is people park here and its a mess having an empty sales office when we could have either nice greenery or use the building for something meaningful.

    They have no intention to remove the sales building because we suspect they will go back to it if they get planning to build on further land nearby. Their planning apps have been rejected twice so uncertain if they'll be back.

    What are the residents company members rights here? Could we force the developer to remove the sales building and turf the carpark spaces which the plans show or could we as residents repurpose it? If we get an EGM to happen and take over the company, could we force them to demolish it and returf? Or if we decide to repurpose it to hold cctv systems, store garden maintenance equipment or use it as a community room could the developer still have a right to it?

    Surely the sales office and car park is in the ownership of the developer? Check at the Land Registry. You can't enforce what they do with their own land should they choose to leave it empty. Sounds from your description that it maybe a 'ransom strip'.

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