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    Building Controller permission required

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 1 bed flat which needs reconfiguring as below some due to HMO reg dictating the kitchen is too small and not enough work surface. (PS Please see my other post to understand why this is a HMO)

    1) Make kitchen/living room an open plan by taking the wall between them out.
    2) Replace Kitchen with new. Will need moving them around like hob will be in new space along with sink. This of course will mean to moving the respective connections to be moved with them.
    3) Take old toilet and sink out in the toilet area.
    4) In the bedroom take the old ensuite shower cubicle(800x800 and room(1200x900) enclosing the shower cubicle out(The room is just built with plaster boards).
    5) Take the partition wall off between the current toilet/bedroom wall and make a partition in the old toilet to make room for new shower to be installed.
    6) Install new shower cubical, entry from bedroom Install new Toilet and sink in the newly created area.
    PS The walls being taken out are all non supporting walls. Made with plater board. I do not know if there are beams inside them to make the walls sturdy.
    b) The current toilet area is approx 2020x900. So creating a space for shower of even a 1000x900 and partition wall of 120mm will still leave about 900x900 for a toilet and sink.
    This will create an extra space(of the current shower area.) in the small bedroom of the 1 bed flat.

    My query
    I have emailed and talked to
    Planning : Not needed.
    Building Control : They say as there is a considerable amount of changes as above taking place, I will need to submit a full plans of work and estimate of cost. Pay fees as per cost of wokrs.I have never done this kind of project hence my query.

    I originally thought we tell them we were going to do these works and they(BC) will collect a nominal fee as per number of bedrooms, come and inspect pre/post works, give a BC certificate. I didn't know I need to submit a plans drawing and application while the planing dept have said I don't need to apply for. And then I heard the time scale a 4-5weeks before they can come and inspect. And until then I cant even start the works. Is this the normal procedure or am I missing the tricks of the trade.

    I was pinning my hopes on finding a builder, get the works done so I can fill in with tenants with minimum of a month of void. It has already been some 5weeks as I didn't want to let in the tenants in until I have complied with the HMO regs of getting the kitchen space issue sorted.

    Up Date to my OP
    I have spoken to another BC officer and he agreed this can be a Building Notification application for which only a 48hrs notice is required before starting the works.


      You're doing quite a lot of work involving moving walls, etc, so don't forget to get permission from your don't own the building just a lease for the flat's use!


        Thanks Tipper
        I am the owner and freeholder so no problems there.

        I have submitted the BC Notification. After communicating with them I have been told to submit a structural report. So I will call in a structural engineer.

        They have told me to make sure the sewers is ok as well as sound proofing is good.

        As this is a converted flat above a shop with think adjoining walls, flooring is no issue. Does the ceiling to the top flat matter (it is some above 2mtrs high).


          You are making quite a few changes and building control will need to approve quite a few of them, especially structur, waste disposal, sanitation, and acoustic insulation.

          There is a set of documents that are specifically designed to help you/your builders get things right.
          As long as the work is done in accordance with these documents then you should have no problems with BC.
          You can find them and download for free at this link:


            Being freeholder of the whole building makes it easier.
            Structural engineer is a safe move.
            Drains can be an issue as old drains can collapse but seeing as it is currently a flat I wouldn't expect any problems.
            Noise control will apply to all walls where there is another dwelling next door, both sideways and up and down. The noise attenuation regs are very tight and you will need a noise test to prove it works - think man with large loudspeaker and a noise meter!


              Originally posted by Tipper View Post

              you will need a noise test to prove it works - think man with large loudspeaker and a noise meter!
              Thanks tipper I'll talk to BCO about it.


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