Permitted development on unfinished agricultural building

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    Permitted development on unfinished agricultural building


    I have bought some land which already had planning permission for a stable block. The foundations and part of the walls have been constructed but the structure remains unfinished. The permission and works occurred over 10 years ago. Obtaining planning permission in this area is difficult and the general feeling given from the council is not encouraging. I have been looking into permitted development rights, specifically class Q, agricultural to dwelling. However, with it being an unfinished building would this qualify?

    Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated!

    Since the building has been started the planning permission is extant, so you could finish off the building as shown on the plans submitted to the council.
    Then it becomes a stable, but that type of building may not meet the definition of an agricultural building.

    On the facts posted so far, it does seem unlikely that you will be able to convert this partially completed building into a dwelling.


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