Obtaining permission from freeholder for internal alterations to GF maisionette

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    Obtaining permission from freeholder for internal alterations to GF maisionette

    Hi there,

    This is a bit of an odd set of questions but I am trying to understand my position before I plunge headlong into spending money and time on a proposal which might not be accepted. And if it is possible, an understanding of the cost involved - I have a budget of around £5,000. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Subject to getting an agreement in principle mortgage offer I am hoping to buy a ex housing association maisonette (one of a block of four).

    My intention is to a remove a corner section of wall between the kitchen and hallway, of which I believe the kitchen section might be load bearing, I aim to replace with a small section RSJ and rebuild a c. 2500mm length of the non load bearing wall 500mm to the left. Further to this (non-essential, but desirable) I am also considering knocking into the outside shed to make an en-suite to the main bedroom, which would require, plumbing, drains and a soil pipe to be run through the bedroom floor from existing bathroom and into outside sewer.

    I understand that I will need:

    Permission from the freeholder - Orbit
    Party Wall Agreement - Orbit / Upstairs Tenant
    Structural Survey and drawings showing existing / proposed
    Builder to do the works
    Building Regs
    Update land registry docs
    Solicitor to alter the deeds and negotiate with Orbit to achieve permission??

    I have read Orbits 'Home Improvement' terms and there is nothing that says they will not give consent, but they hold all of the cards and could easily say no, as the freeholder they will have the last word. I have also asked whether Orbit would be able to provide advice before the sale and the answer is no, not until after the sale.

    If I am able to provide all of the correct information to Orbit following the sale, does anyone know whether this would be acceptable to them? And what if any other information would they want to see.

    Thanks in advance.

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