when do i need Quantity surveyor and/or construction plan?

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    when do i need Quantity surveyor and/or construction plan?

    Hello all,

    I'm planning to fully renovate a house, turning it to a 4 bedroom HMO
    The renovation will include fully refurbishment of the house internally and externally, upgrading the kitchen and WC's, wiring, heating system etc.
    The building costs will be around 30-35K.
    Currently my builder based his costs using the detailed plans used for building reg control, but i'm worry that calculating building cost only by visiting the site and using the detailed architect plans won't be accurate.
    Should i need a construction plan from the architect for this scale of work?
    Should i need a Quantity surveyor or it is too simple project for that?
    Should i use JCT contract with dated work millstones with Liquidated Damages clause or it's a bit overstretch ?

    Is the project's size o determine if i need Quantity surveyor and construction plan? are there any other considerations?

    Thank you,

    In my view everything you mention would be overkill for what sounds like a fairly simple and (comparatively) low-cost refurb. I suggest you simply agree a clear scope of works and staged payment plan with your builder.

    Are you (/your builder) sure that you even need building regs approval for this project? Even if you do, most builders would probably just use a building notice rather than full plans approval for a project of this size.

    I don't mean to be patronising if you've already covered this, but I would check your council's HMO standards and also get advice from a professional fire risk assessor before the renovations start if I were you, in order to ensure your spec meets the requirements of both.


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