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    I have broken all of the rules when hiring a builder to renovate my property and now I have to fork out to pay for work to be redone. Although the company came recommend and I had seen their previous work, what they have done for me is substandard and the PM is dodging my calls.

    The company still exists with Companies House although they have closed their office, I have numerous texts and email conversations, quotations for the work, I know the current home address of the PM, the bulk of the cash I transferred to her business and personal bank account and I know where the PM will be each day during the school run!

    What I don’t have is a signed contract, copies of her public and indemnity insurance (although we did have a discussion about insurance but I didn’t follow up on it as she was a friend of a friend).

    What are are the steps for me taking this matter to court? I will be paying about £25-30k to get things redone properly. It is a nightmare.

    PM? What's Mrs May got to do with this? (I know the government is in a right mess but didn't realise it had gone this far) What do you mean by PM?

    How on earth did you get this far without copies of any paperwork?

    Simple answer: Sue whoever was contracted to do the work. If this was the company they will probably be dissolved before you get judgement.
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      You would need to get a independent surveyor to look at the work so far, then based on this survey you then take action. You should either write to the company (either yourself or through a solicitor) that they either complete the work or pay for the works to be completed. If you get no response then you go to the courts, to try and reclaim the monies you are claiming for. Just bear in mind the company may just close up or transfer all valuable assets to another company.

      Just out of interest, are they a member of any trade bodies, you could approach them and see if they will mediate.


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