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    Building Control Final Certificate

    Having had some building work done that involved both gas and electrical works, I have a couple of questions that I hope someone might be able to shed some light on.

    I have received an ELECSA certificate for the electrical works. However no Gas Safe certificate yet. Builder says it's been submitted to the Gas Safe Register and the Building Control cert wouldn't be issued unless the Inspector had seen it. I can't see any sign of it on the Gas Safe Register though...

    So is the builder correct? Or are the Gas cert and the Building Control cert completely separate things?

    Secondly, the Building Control Final Cert has apparently been issued - the builder has sent me a scan of it. I am awaiting a copy in the post. It has been signed by someone who is not the Inspector that visited site. Should that be a cause for concern?

    I have had a bunch of issues with this builder, therefore I am being ultra cautious about making sure the job is completed before releasing the final payment (which he is of course chasing me for).

    Many thanks

    Builder is having you on. The gas safe certificate or CP12 is issued by a registered gas fitter. You could get such a fitter in to certificate boiler and appliances and would cost £60-£115 depending on your area. Lasts 1 year and essential for letting.

    Building control sign off is a totally different thing. It is local authority based (though can be private). Make sure you get it if that is part of your contract with builder. Can be difficult selling without one.

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      Gas safe do issue competent person scheme building control documentation, as well as the annual check certificates. If the installation really was done by a Gas safe fitter, you should not need to deal with the building control department. If it wasn't, you are going to need to make a retrospective application.

      With the competent person scheme route, the council see nothing until after the work is done. With any other approach, they should have an initial notice, before work starts, even if the inspections are done privately.


        Thanks Interlaken.

        I spoke to a Gas Safe Register auditor and got some more direction on this. In a nutshell, the work done (repositioning a boiler) is classified as a new installation and should result in a Gas Safe Building Regulations certificate. Not a landlord/homeowner gas safety certificate.

        Building Control in my instance have accepted a photo of the gas safety certificate and issued a building control sign off certificate.

        I have now finally received the gas safety certificate and the building control certificate.

        I could dig in and get the builder to get his gas engineer to issue the right certificate, but as Building Control are satisfied, I'm willing to draw a line under it now and move on.

        Lessons leaned with this... The non council Building Control companies are extremely more relaxed about this stuff than Council run ones would be. We have the wrong gas documentation but as far as future sale of the property is concerned, it's the Building Control cert that counts and we have that, so not worth worrying about any longer.


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