Do Architects to plans to keep build costs as low as possible??

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    Do Architects to plans to keep build costs as low as possible??


    I am buying a retail premises with a house attached to it.
    My plan is to extend the retail premises by knocking through to the house and turning the accomodation into a flat, and possibly extend the flat over the retail unit as part of the house is single story, therefore making it double storey.
    This is the 1st time, I would be doing a project of this sort, and had a couple of rough quoted from builders for what we intend to do.

    I know I need to get an architect, however again its my 1st time using one...My question is:

    When an architect does the design, do they look at designing the project so that it uses the space to the best they think, but in a way to keep the build cost to a reasonable amount?? Therefore look at the cheapest way they think to achieve what we want to achieve?

    I imagine what the client says will steer them, however, they have to consider other factors, such as how to design so that is safe for the builders, and for those who have to maintain it in the future (these are legal requirements). By default they ought to consider the lifetime cost, not the initial building cost.


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