Share of Freehold (House converted into 2 Flats) - looking to add a basement

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    Share of Freehold (House converted into 2 Flats) - looking to add a basement


    I have share of freehold and a long lease over the ground floor flat and the front garden.
    The Freehold covers 2 leases - the ground floor and the upstairs flat.
    The lease for the flat upstairs covers the complete 1st floor.

    I'm looking to build a basement extension to my ground floor flat. I'm aware I need to get a "licence to alter" from the upstairs because of the share of freehold.
    Would I have to compensate the owner of the upstairs flat to build a basement which is an extension to my lease?

    She hasn't mentioned it yet but is looking to get a solicitor involved.

    Edit: Another questions.
    The upstairs flat is rented out. The works are only allowed to occur during 9-5 during the week in the local area.
    Would she be entitled to compensation for any loss of rent?

    Any advise would be welcome.

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    Loss of rent ? probably if tenant moves out because of the disruption / noise, or works nights and can't sleep during the day.

    But what type of house is it ? detached, semi, terraced ?
    I would not bother, as the original foundations wont be 7 foot below ground.
    Chance of house collapsing if not done right.

    Where is the water table ? 20 foot below, or 7 foot below foundations ?




      Its a semi detached house.
      It has already been approved by the council and the a structural engineer has confirmed its doable.

      There has already been a few basements built on my street so I'm confident it can be done.

      My concerns are regarding what compensation the upstairs flat may request. They haven't asked for anything yet but are going to seek legal advice. I would assume a solicitor would be keen to look after their client and advise them on what options are available.


        You could suggest that in return for their agreement to your basement they could extend into the roof space.

        Is the freehold held by two individuals or in a company? (although I don't suppose that really makes a difference as you're dealing with one other person be they a joint freeholder or director of the company)


          Originally posted by Tipper View Post
          You could suggest that in return for their agreement to your basement they could extend into the roof space.
          and if they agree IN WRITING then make sure your building engineered calculations include additional weight due to potential loft conversion


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            C Lewis
            Newbie alert, so any advice gratefully received.

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            So, have you not complied with the building regs on such things as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, sound test, fire escapes, fire protection and detection, etc, etc? You could be in for a very large bill to complete your conversion! I think you have been badly advised. Failure to meet the building...
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            Who advised you that there was no requirement for Building Regs approval? Hhhmmm. I hope they have PI cover
            14-07-2018, 22:31 PM
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            C Lewis
            You're right I probably am getting mixed up

            We were told we didn't need building control permission, it was a planning change of use and no structural alterations have taken place.

            Just had a conversation with the local planning department who have advised we can...
            13-07-2018, 13:22 PM
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            Sounds like you are confusing two different departments, Planning and Building Control.
            13-07-2018, 12:48 PM
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            C Lewis
            I wasn't aware of that regarding the council tax, I thought it would make the flat more appealing with less bills to pay, but thank you for your advice, I'll arrange it the proper way.

            Do you mean extra conditions detailed when the application was granted? There weren't any in our case....
            13-07-2018, 10:15 AM
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            I don't think you have discretion on who pays the council tax. If they are self contained flats and let in their entirety, the tenant pays. In fact, tenants would be advised that they probably have a rogue landlord if the property should be registered for individual council tax, but is not.
            13-07-2018, 10:05 AM
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            You are free to believe anything. The important part of your statement is 'subject to all the leases'.

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