Converting a 2 bedroom maisonette to 2 x Studio / 1 Beds - Brighton

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    Converting a 2 bedroom maisonette to 2 x Studio / 1 Beds - Brighton


    We currently have the freehold to the building that contains a maisonette 2 bed flat and a ground floor 1 bed flat

    We are wanting to convert the maisonette into 2 separate flats as we do holiday lets and are trying to maximise the income.

    We have had a friend draft some plans to give us an idea. the floor space is 39 m2 per flat (he estimated at 33 m2)

    Is there enough space for us to do this, I'm worried if we do a pre planning application it will be a waste of money and time if it does not meet the minimum requirements.

    I have attached the plans of the existing layout and the proposed layout.

    do the local council have a 'pre-planning' consultation process. you might be able to visit and discuss your ideas prior to application. i would use the phrase 'creating affordable and good standard living accomodation' as opposed to maximising the income in any discussions. is there a lot of one bed properties available in the area? do the council have a list of people desperate for accommodation (but YOU would be the one saying yes or no to anyone!)? all those things might help if you could evidence them beforehand - there might even be grants available?

    of course if you stick to the holiday lets there may be less restrictions though i don't really know anything about that process

    ps, have you considered a loft conversion aswell if you own that aswell?? if its not currently viable, just making sure you can in the future could save a lot of money further down the line. even making one of the 2nd floor flats into a two storey mezzanine flat could extend your profits ,,,,

    if youre undertaking extensive works then the cost of 'future proofing' might be well worth considering? putting in steels/increasing joist sizes might be worth doing while the place is being revamped and it might allow you to remove walls that currently exist.


      Did you get anywhere with this?

      Has local authority adobted the national space standards? If yes you might struggle with what you propose as studio requires min of 37sqm and 1 bed 2 people is 50sqm. However, even if they haven't adopted them, they may still use them as a reason to resist development.

      How is the parking situation and cycle storage provision? Will need 1 car space for each unit and 4 cycle spaces I believe.
      Answers given are simply my own opinion and should not be interpreted as legal advise. Always seek legal assistance if you have any doubts.


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