Highways adopted Land still registered to dissolved building company over 20 years

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    Highways adopted Land still registered to dissolved building company over 20 years

    Hi All

    I wonder if anybody can help me with what seems to me a complicated issue regarding registered ownership of retained land by a dissolved company of 20 years ago.

    The retained / registered land is now a hammerhead road which was adopted by the highways whilst the builder was insolvent, they were dissolved in 1996,
    The highways fully adopted the road/land in 1993, but it is still registered to the dissolved builder? and a charge is also registered to a bank?
    I own a plot of land adjacent to the hammerhead of which i have outline planning permission and therefore access onto my land.
    My questions are as below:
    1, As the highways adopted this hammerhead does this mean in principle i can connect the services under the road without any issues of the dissolved builder knocking on my door later when the property is finished and claiming that i have invaded his land?
    2, Do the highways own this adopted land surface and subsurface,
    3, Does the crown own the land (after highways adoption)

    I'm a little confused as to which direction to go and who to get a definate answer,
    any help greatly appreciated

    thx n rgds


    I would contact the relevant utility as they tend to have precedence over property rights.

    However, if the freehold has reverted to the Crown, it will be because of the dissolution of the property company, not because the land is now maintained at public expense.

    Being a public highway and being adopted are not the same thing. I think you can have either without the other.


      How will i know if the land has reverted back to the crown due to the company being dissolved, the land title is still in the company name?
      Is this the normal process and the crown don't change the title?
      If the crown now own it by default do i have to contact the crown solicitors to get approval for the utility services to be connected under the road?


        If the freehold has reverted to the Crown (or a Duchy) the Crown will do nothing except sell it to someone with a reasonable interest in the land. Land itself is technically always owned by the Crown.

        Such orphaned land is very common, because it has no real value, so of no interest to the company's creditors. However, I don't have the expertise to say whether or not those creditors have any claim.

        In any case, utilities generally don't have to obtain permission to access any land, but the expertise will lie with the utilities, so you should ask them.

        Details of Land Registry procedures for dissolved companies are in https://www.gov.uk/government/public...ate-insolvency I think it would be dangerous for me to try an summarise anything from it based on a quick scan.


          i will contact the utilities as you advise and also the administrators just to find if there are anymore loose ends




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