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    leaseholder64 - There is no other clause in the lease relating to subletting.

    Gordon999- There's nothing about paying a fee in the lease, they are calling it an administrative charge in the letter. Thanks I'll ask for a letter, I'm sure they will have one. I agree they think every lease holder is fair game.

    JK0 - was that with an explanation or just a check?

    Reading the clause as is with the punctuation that is there I get:

    'Not to assign transfer charge underlet or part with possession of part only of the Property'

    i.e. doing the above to part of the property is prohibited. There is no prohibition doing it to the whole property.

    'and during the last seven years of the said term not to assign underlet charge or part with the possession of the Property without the previous consent in writing of the Vendor (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld)"'

    And during the last 7 years no to do the above without prior consent of the Vendor.

    The company who have sent the letter are not then vendor, so I don't think they can use the clause to extract any kind of fee.


      Originally posted by Doback View Post

      JK0 - was that with an explanation or just a check?

      I crossed out all the nonsense about 'I/We enclose/have made payment of the £130/£65 registration fee.' and 'I/We understand that the paid/enclosed fee relates only to the registration of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with the tenant(s) and period of tenancy stated in Part 6. Please add the fees to my account so that I can make payment with a debit or credit card on line or over the telephone.'

      Where it asked me to tick boxes to select the amount paid, I drew another box labelled 'Lands Tribunal Award: £40' and ticked it.

      NB. I hope this works for everyone, but the Lands Tribunal Award was for this particular flat.

      S&M cashed my £40 cheque today. I hope they've accepted that's all they're getting.


        I just received proof that the data on the form I sent back with my cheque is not recorded at all:

        I have a further letter dated 11th August saying they have received no response to their previous letter. Err, hello, you were sent a response on 4th July and cashed the cheque enclosed on 2nd August.



          You should make a complaint to your local MP ( against managing agents who make demands for payment which are NOT in your lease ) and ask MP to send your problem to Government Housing Department Consultation on leasehold houses.


            JKO... That's a typical reply!!!


              Originally posted by Doback View Post
              There's nothing about paying a fee in the lease, they are calling it an administrative charge in the letter.
              Even if there was a fee mentioned in the lease, it would still be described as an administration charge, and would need the statutory notice that comes with such. The question is whether the freeholder has to do anything a tall, for which they could charge, in this case.

              Administration charges are anything you have to pay to the freeholder other than rent, and service charges (insurance is part of the latter, even if billed separately).


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                17-03-2018, 11:03 AM
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                I take it that it is a statutory lease extension which will cancel out your ground rent that you are referring to as you cannot buy the freehold of a leasehold flat. Try the ready reckoner on My Leasehold. It does not account for a rising ground rent though:...
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              • Right To Manage
                Roger carter

                We are 2 flats 50% of the building and intend to get the right to manage as the freeholder is nightmarish.

                how hard is this to do? And do we definitely need solicitors for this or can it be done by ourselves ?

                thank you.
                16-03-2018, 10:54 AM
              • Reply to Right To Manage
                You can download the free guide to RTM procedure from www.lease-advice.org.

                Its best if all 4 leaseholders participate in the setting up of RTM.

                If you want to manage the building yourself, I suggest you buy a copy of the "RICS Residential Management Code" or you...
                17-03-2018, 09:16 AM
              • Reply to Right To Manage
                I think you mean terrible freeholder not terrible leaseholder and no, I do not believe that everyone is against right to manage. I think that they are just trying to point out that sometimes RTM is not the answer as it is not as easy to run your block as you might think. Even if you appoint a top flight...
                17-03-2018, 08:26 AM
              • Why is the employed managing agent chairing the RMC AGM?
                Hi all,

                I'm seeking views on why the employed managing agent is chairing our RMC AGM?

                Also is this not a conflict of interest if leaseholders feel they are paying over the top management fees and not receiving value for money. Difficult to put forward a resolution to remove...
                15-03-2018, 21:08 PM
              • Reply to Why is the employed managing agent chairing the RMC AGM?
                leaseholder64 Thanks again for your input and I have appreciated you looking into the validity of the managing agents' actions.

                On a closing note I do really miss the input that MrSoffit made to this forum. Sadly missed!...
                16-03-2018, 22:58 PM
              • Reply to Why is the employed managing agent chairing the RMC AGM?
                The "!" was supposed to indicate that the "supposed" might not reflect the truth. However the statement basically explains why managing agents get allowed into such positions.

                They only have the authority given to them by the board. As I am not party to how the board...
                16-03-2018, 22:08 PM
              • Reply to Right To Manage
                Roger carter
                Thank you. Well I would be managing so not worried about that as pretty much on the ball and have agreement from everyone to set up service charge and schedule of work etc...
                how comes it feels everyone is against it? When one has a terrible leaseholder and the whole building is falling apart,...
                16-03-2018, 20:19 PM
              • Reply to Why is the employed managing agent chairing the RMC AGM?
                Well if they are experts why are they sending out director nomination forms that require seconded by?

                Further when the director nomination form was returned, why was it not acknowledged and why did the managing agent postpone the meeting due to not being able to travel? Does the managing...
                16-03-2018, 18:50 PM