Value of Freehold Reversion.

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    Value of Freehold Reversion.

    Can anyone suggest a source from whom I can obtain a reasonably detailed freehold valuation and a similarly detailed breakdown of how much a lease extension would of these now until November (so I am told) as I need some figurework to start some negotiations sooner rather than later. I don't mind paying but am trying to avoid the whole trauma and large expense of formally instructing a Valuer / Surveyor on what is, in reality, a straightforward mathematical calculation only.

    I believe I once spotted in this forum details of someone who offered this service but cannot now find the reference!

    I can if you let me have the following:-

    Start date of the term of the lease and how long it was for originally (not the same as the date of the lease)

    The ground rent and details of when it increases

    The value of the flat if it had a long lease and neglible ground rent

    The address or the first half of the post code

    Please send this to me by posting a personal e-mail

    You will receive a spreadsheet where you can alter any of the variables and see what the effect will be on its value

    I do require confirmation that if the spreadsheet is of some use you will let me have a cheque for £10 made payable to "Children in Need"


      Thank you. I have sent you a brief preliminary e mail just to check we have the right e mail addresses and when I hear back from you will happily send you the info and some money.

      Thank you Scotty3


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