Management/Letting company doing shoddy repairs without authorisation

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    Management/Letting company doing shoddy repairs without authorisation

    A bit of a strange one here...

    We own a 2 bed flat in a block of 8 flats however the lease company ceased to exist, so we don't pay a lease! However there is a 'Management/Letting company' who has taken on the responsibility of looking after everything for all 8 flats. We pay them 10% monthly management fee from the rent. They find new Tenants, repair anything in the flat at an extra cost and also repair communal areas and deduct 1/8th of any costs from the monthly rent. Usually its only a few pounds here and there which we are fine with.

    However we notice that the costs seem to be more frequent...most recently we were charged £180 (which is 1/8th) for painting all of the communal areas. I had previously told the Management company to inform me if there would be any costs over a hundred pounds but it just looks like they have gone ahead and got this done. I popped down today to have a quick look and I have to say its the worst paint job I have ever seen - paint all over the communal floors, ceilings poorly painted and where there was engraved graffiti on the wall I would have expected in to be filled with decorators filler!

    So where do I stand with this? Can I demand a refund for this shoddy paint job considering I never authorised it to begin with?

    That is why I never buy leasehold properties


      That's helpful ! This is a leasehold forum dealing with leasehold issues !

      So the poster needs to read the lease, it's not clear what is meant by I don't pay a lease ?, we assume you mean service charges ?

      Find the lease and find the freeholder, are the management company a party to the lease too ?

      Costs are not limited to a few hundred pounds, if works need doing that costs thousands than that's you must pay or if costs are only a few pounds than that is due.
      Advice given is based on my experience representing myself as a leaseholder both in the County Court and at Leasehold Valuation Tribunals.

      I do not accept any liability to you in relation to the advice given.

      It is always recommended you seek further advice from a solicitor or legal expert.

      Always read your lease first, it is the legally binding contract between leaseholder and freeholder.


        Apologies I worded things slightly wrong.

        There is 'NO Management Company' named in the Lease, they ceased to exist (went into Liquidation) Therefore we don't pay a lease fee/service charge! There is a Freeholder company who doesn't manage. Its a Letting Agent who has been bought in to manage the property with a standard letting agent agreement which means we can say goodbye to them at any time.1 month notice.

        So there is NO official Management Company. Only a letting agent looking after things.


          You have a serious problem.

          But first, if the "agent" has been asked to run the Whole property consisting of 8 flats ( and just happen to manage your sub-tenants ) then they will be looking at the lease which states the WHOLE property / building must be maintained, and if that means painting when required, you have no say in that, or new gutters or a new roof.

          Often, 95% of the time, the Managing company is the freeholder, with directors, and leaseholders may have a share ( paper certificate ) in that managing company.

          That managing company may sub contact the running of the block ( but not your tenants ) to a "Managing agent" who will then oversee on behalf of the Freeholder Company, the running of the place, get the place maintained, paint the building inside or out, fix the foor / drains etc, for wch the leaseholders pay the bill.

          A letting agent has no connection with the managing agent, and is employed by you, and only you for the sole purpose of putting tenants into your flat, and nothing more.

          It sounds as though the original Company went bust and a "letting firm" said they would take on the role of looking after the whole building, and they just happen to bet your letting agents for findinfg tenants for your flat. yes ?

          You do know that if the freeholder does not look after the building, and there are no service charges, or in fact the freeholder has gone bust, and the freehold has reverted to the Crown ( in effect, the Queen ) you will not be able to sell your flat.

          Also, a managing agent will not be mentioned in the lease, as they can change at any time.

          Regarding painting, write a stiff letter that the paint job is abysmal, and you insist the shoddy work is rectified.
          You cannot ask for your money back, as the work has to be rectified.


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