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  • what does this mean?

    "proviso that vendors and their successors in title should be at liberty to vary or modify in any way such restrictions and stipulations to sell remainder of said estate or any part thereof free from all such restrictions and stipulations"

    this is in my lease - I'm struggling to understand, is anyone able to maybe break it down for me?

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    It means that any restrictions in your lease will not necessarily be imposed on your neighbours.


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    • Communal front garden issue

      I hope I'm posting in the right part of this forum. I need some some advice please.

      I own the leasehold on my ground floor flat and the freeholder owns the flat upstairs and rents out to tenants.

      New tenants moved in two weeks ago and since they have moved...
      19-07-2017, 20:45 PM
    • Reply to Communal front garden issue
      The lease doesn't mention the garden at all and just has a plan of the building and land around it, indicating who owns what.

      Im glad to say now that the furniture has disappeared. I was going to call a local place to come and take the stuff as it was in good condition but thankfully,...
      21-07-2017, 22:46 PM
    • Solicitors response to Landlords RTM Claim Notice
      Hi, I have carefully and dutifully followed the RTM process for our block of flats. I recently served the Claim Notice on the landlord and I have just received a letter from their solicitors asking for more information. They are clearly trying to catch us out on a technicality, but I wanted to know...
      21-07-2017, 16:33 PM
    • Reply to Solicitors response to Landlords RTM Claim Notice
      They are probably just trying to scare you off!

      Freeholders and their solicitors always say no to enfranchisement, lease extensions and as you have found, RTM. It happened to us during enfranchisement and the whole process was extended and costly due to their stubborness and stupidity....
      21-07-2017, 21:43 PM
    • Reply to Solicitors response to Landlords RTM Claim Notice
      Thank you for your response.

      I have copies of everything that they're asking for, but don't feel the need to jump through hoops just because they want to try to frustrate the process, especially as this will only give them potential ammo in case they want to pick holes with the claim....
      21-07-2017, 18:08 PM
    • Reply to Solicitors response to Landlords RTM Claim Notice
      "Should I even respond?" Wouldn't like to give a dogmatic answer to that. Only you know if you left any legal stones unturned. People in glass houses shouldn't throw them, but you can't leave them unturned either.

      I presume you read here...

      21-07-2017, 17:44 PM
    • Conflicting lease placed over my lease
      Good evening all and thanks for reading.

      I'd be keen to hear peoples thoughts on this one.

      My BTL flat in London, E1 has a long lease and an accompanying land registry document that shows the terrace around the perimeter of my property is part of my demised premises. As with...
      20-07-2017, 21:54 PM
    • Reply to Conflicting lease placed over my lease
      Thanks MrShed

      Re the word "terrace" I'm referring to a paved patio area, flat, at ground level with no buildings on it.

      The legal consultation with a specialist option is looking more and more necessary as the generation of the new lease certainly seems to be done...
      21-07-2017, 17:25 PM
    • .
      20-07-2017, 19:54 PM
    • Reply to .
      Hi firsttimermeg, Please don't regret posting questions! As long as we all remove any identifiers (addresses, names etc) the world is our lobster. Seeking advice/suggestions is not unwise in the leasehold quicksand. Didn't see OP....
      21-07-2017, 11:16 AM