Can I refuse my own managing agent access to my flat?

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    Can I refuse my own managing agent access to my flat?

    I own a leasehold flat in a block of 18 flats. All of the leaseholders also own an equal share of the freehold of the building.

    I have had a longstanding problem where there has been leak from my balcony into the flat below me. As far as I am aware that this leak has been ongoing for at least 10 years and several attempts had been made to locate and repair the fault. Late last year the cause of the leak was finally identified, a report was prepared, a quote of £1,800 accepted and the work was authorised in January 2016. At this point one of the members of our residents board fell out with the managing agent. He cancelled the authorisation and another agent was appointed.

    After many months I have finally got hold of the new managing agent and asked him to authorise the repair. He has stated that he wants to get another builder to have look at it and provide a quote. I have no problem with this and said that that was fine. When trying to arrange the quote he said that as he was responsible for the building both he and the board member would have to attend with the builder. I advised that I had no problem allowing the builder access but would not grant permission of him (he has no relevant qualifications) or my neighbour (the residents board member) access. He has said that unless I allow them both access he will not organise the builder. I should point out that my problem with the managing agent is entirely personal. Shortly after taking over the management he was incredibly rude to my wife, not realising that we owned the flat, and are not tennants. I gave him a bit of a rollocking over this and his insistence on access does feel like payback (he knows that it will infuriate my wife).

    Can he do this?

    I have a freehold myself.
    We have had problem with birds, and the Managing Agent attended there while 3 pest control company visited to provide soon after a quote.
    I guess (unfortunately for your wife) that is quite standard.
    Said that, there is no justification in being rude, to the longlease holder or tenants or no ones.


      You can refuse to let in named persons if you wish, and the agent cannot insist that the repairs will not take place if that names person is not allowed in.
      Tell the agents that you will sue them for not maintaining the propery under the terms of the lease if they do not send tradesmen round to quote.

      However, I am in the possition of running an in house management, and I need to see for myself what the problems are, specialy if it has been ongoing for 10 years.

      I have to produce the service / maintenence schedules, so I HAVE to know the history of the place, and to have seen the problems first hand.
      The freeholder, or a representative of the freeholder is normaly allowed to gain access to your flat, as normaly stated in the lease ( with or without workmen ) so you can't realy object if the The freeholder, or a representative requires to inspect the problems first hand.

      If I had to only talk to a builder to get information on a problem, then I would not be able to "see" the problem, and not be able to do my job.
      I have to see the problem, and also look to see if any other anomilies in and around the balcony that may require investigation in future, and to see if your problem will occur on other balconies

      Never rely on a builder to do this investigation for you.Always go with the builder to the flat concerned, as that is the only waqy to get a true picture of problems.

      Let the memeber in with the builder.


        For once I agree with Ram. Tradesmen are notoriously poor at diagnosing defects. They will simply do what they are told to do. Often they will do a good job of what they are asked but due to improper diagnosis the problem remains.

        Is there someone else in the management company who could attend as a bit of a compromise? Or one of the directors?


          The rights and wrongs of this are not worth arguing over. Let them in.


            Originally posted by Lawcruncher View Post
            The rights and wrongs of this are not worth arguing over. Let them in.
            Probably sound advice. Arrange a time for when your wife is out.


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