rats in Loft Area - landlord wants a new roof - help please

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    rats in Loft Area - landlord wants a new roof - help please

    There are rats in the loft area of a block of 4 flats. The landlord says that the roof needs repairing and needs replacing at some point in future. They have now decided to replace the roof and seek dispensation under emergency procedures because of the rats.
    I understand that the rats have not caused the broken roof therefore the roof replacement cannot be an emergency - where do we stand?
    The roof could have been repaired and the rats baited for much less than £12000
    Not happy - please help
    Will they get dispensation

    How do the other 3 leaseholders feel about it?. You could instruct a surveyor between you to carry out an inspection of the roof and report his findings and then you can use this against the freeholder and as evidence if you need to go to the ftt.

    So get a survey done and if it does show you are correct and the roof can be repaired rather than requiring a new one then inform the landlord of this andthat you will be taking him to the ftt to decide.


      Thanks, there is one other leaseholder and 2 tenants.
      We will challenge but before are they within their rights to claim an emergency?
      Surely dispensation will not be granted on rats


        You would think not, but he is free to try and the ftt will decide on the merits of his case and you are free to contest it so a surveyors report backing you up will help your case, and the threat of it may slow the freeholder down a bit and start looking at other alternatives.

        A quote from rentokill or other exterminator and their opinion on the matter probably wouldnt hurt either

        I have not personally been involved with s20 dispensations but i would imagine the freeholder or the ftt would have to write to all leaseholders regarding what is proposed and giving you the opportunity to respond.



          Thank you very much


            Replacing the roof because of a rat infestation seems odd. The rats won't be living there full time. They will be coming and going. I grew up in a badly maintained bungalow in the country, so I know a bit about rats. They like to have a warm, dry space (your loft) for breeding, but will be going out to find food. They may be accessing the drains, so I'd want to look into that before thinking about replacing the roof. If the roof is replaced before the food and access problems are addressed, it won't take the rats long to get back to their favourite habitat.

            Do you know anyone with a small, fighty terrier that could be put up into the loft to hunt the rats?

            You need two experts to survey your building:
            1. A chartered surveyor, to tell you exactly what physical defects there are;
            2. A pest controller to advise on rat control.


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