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  • Gordon999
    1. Before you accept the prospective buyer's offer , you should ask some questions such as is there another property to be sold before this sale can proceed, is the other property in a chain ? is the buyer making the purchase as investment or for own home use ?

    2. You should ask for quotes from 3 local conveyancing firms offering to act for "seller side" . If you are selling a leasehold flat, choose a firm with solicitor experienced in Landlord & Tenant Act problems. Ask what they charge if sale does not proceed due to buyer not able to get mortgage loan etc.

    3. When the interested buyer' offer is accepted by you , you and buyer would exchange contact details of your conveyancing solicitors.

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  • TaniaJ
    started a topic selling without an agent

    selling without an agent

    I'm trying to sell the property without an agent. I've already done Home Report. I might have a potential buyer and wanted to check what do I need to do next.

    Is it the next step finding a solicitor? or is it conveyancer? not quite clear what's the difference, I know conveyancers are usually cheaper and specialize in property law?

    Do I just instruct solicitor to liaise with the buyer's solicitor?

    Is there anything else I'm missing?

    thank you!

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