Is insulation part of the roof?

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    Is insulation part of the roof?

    As I am new to this whole leasehold arena, I have yet another question...

    Is roof insulation to be included as part of the roof?

    Freeholder and I share the maintenance and repair of roof 50/50. I own the maisonette which includes an attic room, so I am first to experience any roofing issues, i.e leaks. He is solely on the ground floor.

    We are having some roofing done, and this has raised the issue of insulation, being way below current building regs. I have been advised that it may have to be upgraded. We may be having the whole roof done, or in any event, it will be more than 25%.

    There is no specific mention to insulation, but the roof structure is included. I do not have the lease in front of me, so cannot provide the clause where it is covered right now.

    There is no service charge other than insurance, so we will each find our 50%, as and when.

    Anybody out there with experience of this?


    the insulation laid in the roof space is not part of the sloping roof tile structure . The insulation material comes as rolls of pricky fibreglass insulation and is laid over the plaster board ceiling of top floor to stop heat loss escaping from the flat below. Previously a layer 3-4 inches thick was laid by the builder but now is considered not adequate. You may find some electricity firms offer thicker insulation up to 10 inches thick at discount price to comply to government energy saving requirements.

    Take a walk round B&Q or Wickes Warehouse. The insulation rolls are sold in different widths to fit between the joists.


      It is the application of building regulations relating to roofing that specify insulation required when reroofing over 50 percent(I think) of a roof. Therefore such insulation is inevitably part of the roof for maintenance purposes as without it the roofer cannot complete the job to building regulation standards.


        Thank you.


          Thank you very much.


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