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    A flood of problems

    Hello All,

    I have an on-going leaky issue I need help / advice with. The neighbour upstairs has been leaking water to my ground floor flat for nearly two years.

    The first time in June 2014, the ceiling partially collapsed leaving a gaping hole which I could not fix until Feb 2015 as she did not fix the problem, I then fixed the ceiling and thought it was all fixed but then again water marks appeared and then in October 2015 a gush of water came down and flooded the property again (the tenants called the fire brigade so much water was pouring down) and I had to claim nearly 3k on my buildings insurance as the neighbour refused to pay anything towards it. Again, I fixed the roof in November 2015.

    Yesterday, more water marks appeared again! I can't actually believe she is a landlady! I am already pursuing her in small claims court with a date set for April 2016 although what avenues do I have to stop this water from escaping on to my flat, I am not prepared to live with a hole in the celing again, court injunction?

    The freeholder does not want to get involved, but can I compel them to do something? Can I seek also seek compensation for inconvenience?

    Any advice would be great.

    Many Thanks

    Go to the flat in question and ask the tenants if you can take a look in the area in their flat above the leak. Take pics and see if you can establish what the problem is.

    Without involving the landlady you may well be able to sort the problem if is is a leaking pipe or perished mastic around a bath or shower.

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      You should check (1) upstairs bathroom for condition of sealant between bath and wall, leak under the hot water tank and any leak from shower pump and loose connector behind toilet. . ( 2) upstairs kitchen for any leak under the sink area and for loose dirty water pipe from washing machine . ( 3 ) blockage by leaves to external wall drain pipe

      and make same checks for 2nd floor flat


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