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    Indeed twas me that appplied to the FTT but now looks to go to Court at much greater expense to the Lessees.
    I see no issue with a freeholder excercising their right to one vote (against 5 in my case) when they are the only one to own the property in perpetuity - ergo with the biggest stake in seeing it maintained .
    And most likely the one with the only professional experience of property management, h&s , etc etc etc.

    Originally posted by ram View Post
    Ref post 12.
    I said. voting rights are ( in leasehold ) usually, predominantly only for leaseholders, but now clarified as freeholder must be allowed to join R.T.M's and have a vote.

    So you take the running of the place off the freeholder, so he / she does not interfere with the legal process, but is allowed to be at meetings and vote for or against R.T.M's proposals.. Hmmmm,
    So you now have the chance to watch a disgruntled freeholder, who is livid about R.T.M. taking away his "power", then you better be prepared for nasty letters, as a now new member, and possible verbal stand offs , bitching, and verbal abuse that some freeholders will engage in at meetings.


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