ground rent - all different dates payable - please help

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    ground rent - all different dates payable - please help

    A lease states payment of ground rent on 18th June, the neighbour is 27th November and the other neighbour is 6th december. I understand all the leases are different with the ground rent being payable on the anniversary of purchase for all. We are working with the council to cut admin costs and think the notices should be served on 1st april each year to everyone, how can we do this. In arrears? so no demands this year and april 2016 send out for 2015/2016 ground rent in arrears, can they do that? how does that work with the 30 day and 60 day notice? thanks

    I don't see the problem.
    Each single leaseholder pays the ground rent when asked to do so.
    Why should you be bothered when someone else has to pay their ground rent.
    Just pay yours when you are asked to ........ Simple, job done.

    You say "We are working with the council"
    WHy ?
    You pay your ground rent when asked to.


      I agree with Ram, why does this concern you ?. paying service charges at different times I suppose could possibly cause problems, but ground rent is just rent/profit to the freeholder therefore its irrelevant when its paid just as long as it is, assuming valid demands are sent, the 30 days apply according to the date in YOUR lease.
      Advice given is based on my experience representing myself as a leaseholder both in the County Court and at Leasehold Valuation Tribunals.

      I do not accept any liability to you in relation to the advice given.

      It is always recommended you seek further advice from a solicitor or legal expert.

      Always read your lease first, it is the legally binding contract between leaseholder and freeholder.


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