Who is responsible for investigation & repair work - ceiling leak, ground floor flat?

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    Who is responsible for investigation & repair work - ceiling leak, ground floor flat?

    Hi everyone,

    I am a new member so looking forward to getting some much needed support and hopefully offering some as well along the way.

    I am leaseholder of a ground floor flat and there is a leak showing in my bathroom ceiling. I have contacted the leaseholder above me and they have done a surface inspection only and said they have no leak. She is insistent that I pay for her floorboards or my ceiling to be uplifted to investigate to determine whose pipes are leaking. I don't think they could be mine, because I am on the ground floor.

    I am completely new to this, so hoping someone can clearly tell me who is responsible for paying for and doing:
    a) investigative work to determine whose pipes are leaking
    b) who should make good on the damage done to my flat

    I have initially suggested that each of the owners above me put some food dye down the bathroom toilet, shower, bath and sink to help identify where the leak is coming from and I am paying for the dye. I thought this might get the ball rolling as the drip continues in my flat.

    Many thanks for all advice offered in advance.


    Have you contacted the freeholder about this?
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      I had experienced about 7 years ago of water leaking into bathroom from flat above and ceiling showing a large wet patch. The flat owner above insisted there was no leak visible in her flat. After over 3 weeks of complaining , a piece of ceiling plaster board fell down. it was noticed when the ceiling hole edge was felt and found to be dripping warm water!

      This led to inspecting the small cupboard containing the hot water tank and it was found the underside of copper tank was leaking water straight through a crack in floor board direct into flat below.

      So take a look at upstairs flat hot water tank for any leak from underside of tank.


        What does your lease say about ownership of the floorboards, joists and ceilings? Some leases define who is responsible for those three elements, some don't!


          A lot of the buildings insurance policies we offer now include "Trace and Access" cover. This provides cover for finding the leak and making good the damage caused in the process of finding the leak.

          The best course of action is to contact the freeholder for assistance but you can obviously put it to them that there may be some cover in the buildings insurance policy. You may also be entitled to request a copy of the insurance documentation to check this yourself.
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