Query: can the freeholder not be the lessor?

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    Query: can the freeholder not be the lessor?

    Yesterday I received the copies of the title registers for a flat I have purchased. I am confused over the why the lessor is not the freeholder. I am talking to my solicitor about this on Monday, but I would like any background information in the meantime.

    Let me explain:
    - My flat is one of two in a Victorian conversion. Let's call mine Flat A, and the other Flat B.
    - The previous owner (Owner P) owned the whole house (although it had been two separate flats for over 30 years).
    - Owner P sold on the two flats separately at approximately the same time to me (Owner Q, Flat A) and another (Owner R, Flat B).

    I have received two copies of the title register:
    1. The freehold title for the whole house, which has Owner Q and Owner R listed as proprietors (as expected).
    2. The leasehold title, for Flat A, which lists the parties as Owner P and Owner Q, and the proprietor as Owner Q. The lease is 999 years.
    (The lease itself lists Owner P as the Landlord, and Owner Q as the tenant.)

    I would have thought the Q and R, as the joint freeholders, would be the lessor? Can anyone shed some light on this?
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    P grants lease to Q and R.

    Later P transfers freehold to Q and R.


      Once a lease has been granted that is it. You do not need a new one when the freeholder changes.


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