Freeholder roof and firewall repairs, need for Party Wall Agreement

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    Freeholder roof and firewall repairs, need for Party Wall Agreement

    I am the Freeholder of 2 maisonettes side by side, mirror images of eachother with one continuous roof and a firewall inside which has been put in retrospectively many years ago. The firewall is clearly defective, made up of plasterboard offcuts, rockwool hanging out of it and places you can put yout hand right through.

    The roof is half tile half slate as the roofs are maintained independently by each side.

    As Freeholder I have resposibility for maintaining the common parts.

    My side needs replacing and this will involve renewing the join down the middle, currently covered with ridge tiles, and proposed replacement with a GRP bonding gutter.

    I have advised the leaseholders next door that when the Building Control officer gets any sight of the firewall they are likely to insist it is replaced, and the cost will need to be split 50/50.

    Regarding the join on the roof, I am willing to pay for that.

    My leaseholder insists that a get a independent Party Wall surveyor involved for which I should pay all the costs.

    I am unsure whether this is correct procedure, it doesn't seem fair on me and is out of all proportion to the other costs and risks involved.

    Do I need a Part Wall agreement, and also do I need to go through a Section 20 process of consultation in order to get these works done?

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