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    Delayed License to Alter

    I have recently contacted our freeholders solicitor with regards to a license for alteration, we are wishing to widen a rear patio door.

    They provided me with a cost for the license to alter of £675+vat to do this, and provided me with a list of documents/statutory consents to provide, these were

    Planning Permission
    Building Control Plans Approval
    Structural Engineers Drawings and Calculations (this included a method statement of how the works are to be carried out)
    Architectural Details of the new door.

    These have all been provided.

    The problem lies in that having provided all this information to the Freeholders solicitor, he won't reply to my emails and phone calls asking when I will receive the license for alteration.

    I have been gently prodding him and if I do get a reply it just states we will receive the license soon! But nothing has appeared yet and it has been over 6weeks since he has had the documents he requested!

    Weary of not wanting to annoy/aggregate the solicitor with emails and phone calls, is there anything else I can do to force this issue OR is it just a case of sitting tight and waiting for the solicitor to hopefully eventually produce the license?

    Is this unreasonably withholding consent? Are there any maximum timescales to produce a license, or procedures I should go through



    Some solicitors may not treat emails and phone messages as proper correspondence and may only accept written letters.

    Send all your letters by registered post to urge for consent.


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