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    breach of lease

    As a landlord, can I give a tennant a breach of lease notice or do I have to go via a solicitor and/or a court ???

    Thanks in advance for any responses !!!

    If the intention of your notice is to seek to forfeit the lease you will need to at first obtain an order from the court or the LVT that there has been a breach. Then after 14 days of the order you can then issue a section 146 Notice.

    To obtain a declartion form the LVT that there has been a breach is actually quite a straight forward matter. It does not cost anything to make the application and there can be no order of costs unless you have acted friviously. You could probably do it yourself.


      Note that section 146 of Law of Property Act 1925 does not apply if breach is simply non-payment of rent in which case L can begin enforcement action without the Notice.
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        I personally had a situation like this but line of thought is this.

        1) If the breach is not servie charge or ground rent related, put it in the hands of your solicitor, hopefully when you are buying your nrxt property he will remember, however check the lease but most leases say that lesee has to pay


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          I am always ready to reposition myself.
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          You are right. I just find things confusing !

          My big concern would be the lack of notice. I am reasonably sure that no AoA would allow this.
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          "Business" or "Commercial" aren't exceptions....
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